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EP 19 : Partnership at Altitude – Shaping the Future of Travel

15 May 2024

Insurance for the New Possible was joined by Alexander Blake, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Travel Insurance at Chubb and Peter Altmann, Vice President, Mobility & Travel Protection at Amadeus.

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Some of the insights they shared included:

  • Leveraging crises as opportunities and catalysts for innovation
  • How advice from Patee’s father to, “build a legacy and not just a business” should encourage entrepreneurs to think beyond financial success and consider the lasting impact of their ventures
  • Building an amazing customer experience as the core of any business strategy and the role insurance can play in solidifying trust and loyalty
  • The critical role technology can play in enhancing the travel experience, creating a personalized, integrated travel experience that begins well before the flight and extends beyond landing
  • In an era where consumers are increasingly skeptical of corporate messaging, the authentic experiences shared by customers themselves become the most valuable form of promotion
  • How strategic partnerships can revolutionize the travel experience and travel protection
  • The pivotal shift towards creating more personalized and seamless experiences for travelers
  • An emphasis on understanding travelers’ needs through extensive research and data analysis
  • Travel insurance plays a critical role in alleviating the fears and uncertainties associated with travel, particularly for new or inexperienced travelers
  • The constant need for innovation and adaptation in the travel and insurance industries as consumer behaviors and expectations evolve

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Peter Altmann

Peter Altmann

Amadeus, Vice President Mobility & Travel Protection, Hospitality

Peter and his team are responsible for the global distribution of car rental, transfer and travel protection content in Amadeus and the relationship with the content providers for the three products verticals. With over 25 years of experience in the travel industry, prior to joining Amadeus Peter held various management positions in the car rental industry in Germany, France and the USA, providing him with excellent insight and understanding of the distribution and technology needs of both, providers and travel sellers alike.
Alexander Blake

Alexander Blake

Chubb, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Travel Insurance

Alex has over 25 years of experience in the global travel insurance field, having worked in various capacities at major insurance companies operating in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. He is a pioneer in the distribution of travel insurance with digital partners. Based in Miami, Alex built the Chubb travel insurance division from the ground up, growing it into a leading industry player.

More about Chubb Partners :

Chubb’s partners include leaders in retail, e-commerce, banking, fintech, airline, telecommunications and other industries. We co-create and design digital insurance solutions for their customers – individuals and businesses of all sizes.